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Making Dreams Come True

“A master craftsman, Engineer and Artist that fused an old world art with the newest technology to make dreams come true.”

Are some of the words used by Maria Elena Holguin on this article, they also describe in detail the many features of the Madame Butterfly Carriage.

In the article not only Maria covers a detailed description of the carriage, but she talks about Teo & his wife, Annie, whom says:

“There is no project too big for him to tackle”

Annie, has been by Teo’s side helping him make dream a reality. “There were many people that laughed at me and thought that I was crazy when I brought them pieces and parts of the carriage to help me complete, like the upholstery and plating, but I was not going to give up” said Teo.

Teo, is the living embodiment of the American Dream.

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