Name on The Wheels

The wheels are made of cherry and maple wood. They were created to resemble four butterflies which carry one letter in each wing, and which when combined form the word “Princess”.

This is one of the places in which the Family Name or Word that you desire can be incorporated instead of the word “Princess”. If your family name or word/s are longer than eight letters, a whole new wheel design will be made especially for you; taking into account the overall visual balance and harmony of the piece. The same applies for languages which use hieroglyphics such as japanese, arabic, chinese or hindi.

Rotatory Motion

The rotation system is manual and the child has a three hundred and sixty degree view from the inside of the basket and through the arches; which we also refer to as “The Veranda”.

The Veranda view is made up of four arches in perfect symmetry, allowing the child to look from the “inside out” and for the parents to look from the “outside in” for safety.

The Swinging Movement

This Carriage softly swings side to side and it can be turned “ON” or “OFF” from the remote control shaped as a “butterfly purse” and which is also made out of fine cherry and maple wood and hand carved with the most intricate details.

It swings at an average of eight movements per minute approximately.

Monitoring System

Consisting of one infrared camera so the baby can be seen while sleeping. This camera is hidden in the center of the ceiling. The only thing that can be visible from the interior of the basket is the camera lens.

This system is also turned “ON” or “OFF” from the remote control “butterfly purse” made entirely from cherry and maple wood.

The monitoring system has an approximate range of six hundred and fifty feet.

Light System

The lighting system is integrated between each of the stems that make up the ceiling frame and that flow from the flower in the Veranda base into the highest point of the ceiling.

In each of the butterfly tails lies a four watt light bulb making this lighting system perfect for night time use; as it allows clear visibility without disturbing the baby or child’s sleep.

The lights have a radius of action of approximately fifty feet.

The “ON” and “OFF” buttons that gather all the lights are controlled from the “butterfly purse” made out of cherry and maple wood, and from where the swinging movements, monitoring system, and audio system are also controlled.

Audio System

The audio system consists of a wireless device capable of receiving a wireless signal through any devices such as an Iphone, Ipad, computer, etc.

Through this system you can have your child listen to the music you desire or to the one he or she likes the best.

The “ON” or “OFF” switch is also controlled from the hand carved “butterfly purse”.

Placement & Re-positioning System

To place the carriage there is an electrical system which is annexed individually to the bottom of the Carriage and removed once the appropiate placement place is found. This same system is also used to transport and reposition the Carriage to any other part of the house in an effortless manner.

Once the Carriage is placed in the exact desired position or rooml the annex is removed and stored in the “rolling wooden suitcase” which is also hand carved, made from cherry wood and especially designed to safeguard it through the years to come and so future generations can enjoy.

To activate the annex, a leverage system hidden inside the “Miniature Carriage” is activated upon lifting it’s top section and turning the desired motion switch to the action of choice: either “UP” or “DOWN”.

The assembly time for the electrical system is approximately fifteen minutes.

This system is only recommended for repositioning purposes; as Madame Butterfly Carriage is designed to remain static once the desired positioning has been achieved it is NOT to be used as a motorized toy or moving vehicle.