my name is Teo Fabregas & i hope you like my work

I graduated in 1989 with a telecommunications engineer degree from CUJAE in La Habana, Cuba. 

I grew up seeing my  father, Teo Sr., make ends meet within a communist regime; this would mean that he had to get very creative with whatever resources he could find in order to feed my Mother Orquidea, my sister Odalys and myself. One of the arts he mastered due to the need (he was a self taught artisan) was woodworking. At a very early age I understood that if I was to survive, I needed to get very creative, so; as his son, I taught myself the art of woodworking only by seeing him work. Every single piece of furniture, instrument or restoration that was brought on to him was hand honed to perfection. My pieces are ALL HAND HONED honoring his legacy.

 Ever since I came to this wonderful country in 1994 and after 24 hours at sea, I have spent the last two decades perfecting my skills as a wood craftsman and trying to find ways in which to “fuse” the old world artisan with the highest and newest technological advancements. I don’t really like to call myself a “master craftsman” simply because I think there is always something new I can learn, or something more magical to discover in every new project I take on.

My dream was to create a product as magical as a fairytale and as realistic and funtional for a child as for the parents.

All my pieces are HAND HONED

Since I was raised in a country that lacked so much material wealth, amongst many other bare necessities, I grew up with the understanding that I had to take good care of things simply because they would be “inherited” by my generations to come.

It is this thought that made the workmanship in all my pieces be so unique and special; as one of my goals is to deliver such beautiful products that will go beyond the trend or fashion, so they can become “heirlooms” for everyone in your family’s generation to enjoy.

I am pleased to share with all of you Madame Butterfly Crib and/or Playstation which is the first “magical heirloom” I have created.

Having four children of my own: Sebastian, Paloma, Julian and Fabian, making magic happen for children since I had my own has been like a conscious breath of fresh air; since my world is seen through their eyes. The children of the world and mine, are my number one source for inspiration.

Thank you for taking the time to navigate my site and view my products. If you want to contact me for any magical project, it would be an honor to assess it.