Madame Butterfly Carriage

There is no crib or play station made thus far that tops its splendor and sophistication while at the same time delivering all the magical elements dreamed by a child and envisioned in an adult’s mind.


 Made from cherry and maple wood.
 Built in camera to monitor the child.
 Customizable multiple areas.
Suitable from a baby to a toddler.

the Carriage


meet the founder



I graduated in 1989 with a telecommunications engineer degree from CUJAE in La Habana, Cuba. I grew up seeing my  father, Teo Sr., make ends meet within a communist regime; this would mean that he had to get very creative with whatever resources he could find in order to feed my Mother Orquidea, my sister Odalys and myself. One of the arts he mastered due to the need (he was a self taught artisan) was woodworking. 

happy customers

Both my girls have had the time of her life. Even though they are from different age, Teo has given us a few enhancements and we have been over the moon. 

Jan. M.

Happy Mother

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